sharing my daily beauty products.


All of us have products that are currently on repeat, I tend to have in view some products that are in temporary form in my day to day, starting from the care of my body to make-up products for example my foundation that is essential during my day. Using these products frecuently makes my work easier when it comes to go outside super fast and they are products that don´t matter the origin will always be my favorites; The phrase “the favorite for special occasions” is wrong for me, I always use my favorite products on a daily basis and that helps me to feel “so fine so fresh” during the day.

The most essential and indispensable in my daily routine are, oil for the body, one of my favorites is the DG Godan brand of any essence (all are excellent); a very good cleansing cream for the face and one of the ones I use frequently is EAU Thermale avéne (my favorite so far); perfume (something indispensable) the perfume I tend to change it but these weeks I have used the CHANEL ALLURE, one of my favorite perfumes without a doubt and one of the ones I have used for years and the last product but not least product is a foundation, i really like to use a very good foundation (this is very important to me) and my favorite foundation has always been from the brand CLARINS! These are my essential products in my day to day and those that I have frequent in repetition, each of them are part of my daily routine.

DG Godan: body oil; Eau Thermale Avéne: cleansing face cream; Allure-Chanel: perfume; Clarins: foundation.

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